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Monday: Preparing for school
Tuesday: Giving love

The game about love
Wednesday: Missing loved ones

My Letter
Thursday: Life's journey

Going Places
Friday: Silly Fridays
Monday: Preparing for school

Back to school
Tueaday: Inappropriate behaviour (with technique)

Acts of kindness
Wednesday: Indecision and how to make the right choices

Making the right decision
Thursday: Dealing with fear
Silly Fridays: Dealing with Greed
Lesson 1: Coronavirus Information
Foundation phase Coronavirus story
Lesson 2: Dealing with Anxiety/Fear
Lesson Two - Worries Go Away!

Cards for the Coronavirus Boardgame
Lesson 3: Dealing with Anxiety/Fear
Lesson Three - Feeling Anxious

Taking Care of my Feelings
Lesson 4: Dealing with Sadness
Happy Hector

Paper Fortune
Lesson 5: Dealing with Anxiety/Fear
Lesson 5: Things that make us scared

No Worksheet
Lesson 6: Finding your Confidence
Lesson 6: Finding yourself

I am Special
Lesson 7: Finding Positivity/Thankfulness
Finding your Support Team

Special Team Dice
Lesson 8: Dealing with Anger/Tantrums
Lesson 8: Feeling Angry
No Worksheet
Lesson 9: Finding Happiness
Funny Friday:)
No Worksheet
Lesson 10: Finding your Inner Strength
Lesson 10: Finding your safe space
No Worksheet
Lesson 11: Dealing with Anger/Tantrums
Lesson 11: Having a meltdown/tantrum

Emotion Game
Lesson 12: Finding Positivity/Thankfulness
Lesson 12: The colours of the rainbow
No Worksheet
Lesson 13: Finding Positivity/Thankfulness
Being Thankful

Gratitude Calendar
Lesson 14: Dealing with Stubbornness/Wilfulness
Being Stubborn: Learning how to give a little
No Worksheet
Lesson 15: Dealing with Anger/Tantrums
Tackling Tantrums: Midweek outbursts
No Worksheet
Lesson 16: Dealing with Anxiety/Fear
Mixed emotions

Emotional Snap
Lesson 17: Dealing with Chaos
Routine and organisation: Keeping the chaos under control

Daily Routine
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