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Family Rules

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  • When visiting the school, parents must enter through the main entrance on Newent Street and report to the Secretary’s office. Parents are not to walk into the school unannounced.
  • Parents should not write in any pupil’s books, other than the official school homework book, which may be used to write a note to the teacher.
  • Parents entering the grounds in vehicles are requested to DRIVE CAREFULLY. During dismissal times to enter the grounds via Newent Street and exit via Parents Way onto Holderness Road.
  • By regulation, no pupil is permitted to be transferred from school without a Transfer form, which must be obtained from the Principal by submitting written notice of intention.
  • Parents are requested to collect children on time. Children not collected on time will be sent down to the Sunlands Aftercare in Woodbury Road where a fee of R10.00 per day will be charged.
  • Please notify the school immediately (in writing) of any change of address and/or telephone/cell numbers and also supply the work telephone number of working mothers. This is important in case of illness or in an emergency or informing parents via SMS.
Be Polite:
Avoid using bad language.
Respect my frineds and teachers.
Bring a letter of absence after illness.
Excuse myself from an extra-mural activity personally.
Be a good sportsman
Write a letter of absence and provide a doctor's certificate if period of illness exceeds 3 days.
Write a letter of apology when necessary.

Be self-controlled:
Try to control my tongue and temper.
Walk quietly in the corridor on the left side.
Avoid the temptation to take things that don’t belong to me.

Be Wise:
Leave sticks, knives and dangerous weapons/objects alone.
Leave cell-phones at home.
Leave toys and valuables at home.
Have item of my stationery and clothing marked.
Bring money in a labelled and sealed envelope to my teacher.
Lock my bicycle.
Inform child about dangerous weapons.
Check child’s cell-phone conversations regularly.
Ensure that all items of clothing are marked.
Sent money to school in clearly marked envelopes.
Ensure that child wears a helmet, as a roadworthy bicycle and has a chain and lock to secure it.
Loose money will not be accepted The school will not take responsibility for lost money

Be peace-loving:
Avoid using violence to solve problems.
Avoid violent people.
Avoid violent and unsuitable TV programmes.
Confide in a trustworthy adult concerning difficulties.
Respect the environment.
Be wise about inappropriate reading material and TV programmes at home.

Work towards a genuine love and appreciation for all creation by promoting conservation and environmental living creatures.
Be an advert for Sunlands:
Save chewing gum for home.
Conduct myself in a fitting manner in the street and in public places.
Practise the ‘be promises’.
Be consistent and supportive.
Encourage a sense of pride in my child.

Be consistent and set an example.
Be punctual:
Arrive 15 minutes before the start of school.
Respond immediately to the bell.
Help child to get up early, have breakfast and get to school on time.
Report to reception if late. Accompany child and give reason for late arrival
Fetch child at correct time

Ring bell at correct time
Any learner not collected timeously will be taken to Aftercare at parents’ expense
Learners who arrive late will have their names recorded in a late comers’ book. 3X DT
Be courteous
Welcome visitors into our school.
Greet visitors and staff.
Give visitors directions to reception.
Never fight and bully each other.
Give way to adults at doorways
Instil good manners and lead by example

Encourage and reward good manners. Reinforce courtesy and respect for each other through lifeskills programme.
Be proud:
Of myself, my achievements, my classroom and its contents.
Of my uniform.
of my hair, keep it neat and clean.
Of my school suitcase by keeping it graffiti-free and neat
Of my school work
Of my behaviour whilst travelling on public and private transport
Of the school buildings and grounds:
Pick up litter
Report anything that is broken
Keep cloakrooms clean and graffiti-fre
Make sure my child has the correct uniform.
All clothing must be kept neat and mended if necessary.
Watches worn at own risk
Ensure that my child’s hairstyle meets with school regulations
See to the hygiene of my child’s hairstyle
No hair colouring or bleaching
No gel
No hair extensions
Buy a navy blue satchel.
Look at the work that is sent home.
Ensure that children travel on road-worthy transport.
Ensure that children are strapped in.
Pay for windows that are broken by children not following rules.
Assist school with maintenance.
Girl's Summer Uniform:
Checked dress.
White ankle socks.
Black lace up or buckle shoes.
Navy blue jersey.
Sunlands blazer.
Girl's Winter Uniform:
White Shirt.
Sunlands tie.
Grey socks or stockings.
Navy Blue Jersey.
Boy's Summer Uniform:
Grey long/short trousers.
White open-necked short-sleeved Sunlands shirt.
Grey socks
Black lace up shoes.
Navy Blue jersey.
Boy's Winter Uniform:
Same as above expect Long-sleeved white shirt and Sunlands tie.
Boy's General:
NO polonecks, fleecy jackets or anoraks to be worn at school.
ONLY  gold stud or small sleeper earrings may be worn at school by
GIRLS – ONLY one per ear.
Boys: NO earrings or ‘bristles’
Watches and Medic Alert bracelets are permitted
NO  religious tokens to be worn
NO nail polish/colouring or make up may be worn at school
Girls’ hair:
Hair tied up with a blue scrunchie/elastic/ribbon on cut short above the collar
NO hair colouring
Boys’ hair:
Hair neatly groomed and
hairstyles (e.g. Mohawk, drastic steps or cuttings in hair)
NO hair colouring
Have regular uniform checks and inform parents about corrections that must be made.
Be conscentious
Complete all tasks on time.
Write down all the homework on the board.
Give of my best, have my homework book signed daily.
Commit myself to the extra-mural programme of choice.
Catch up any work lost due to absence.
Have the necessary equipment and books at school.
Know when tasks are due and check progress.
Make appointments to see the teacher and adhere to the agreed times.
Check homework and sign diary.
Acknowledge receipt of newsletter and other correspondence.
Instil a sense of commitment in child and be supportive Replenish stationery

Provide assessment programme to parents at the beginning of each term.
Check homework.
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