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We believe that the School is an extension of the home, therefore, our role as educators is to work with the parents in dealing with discipline issues. The educator uses positive re-inforcement to handle day to day disciplineby using the following strategies:

Positive comments
Good work notes to parents
Token rewards & group points
End of the term outing/party

The Class Teacher sets the classroom regulations. Challenges to the regulations are recorded in the Teacher's Disappointment Book.

Detention is issued when:

A student has three entries in the teacher's discipline book in a Term.
A student leaves their Sports Togs at home twice in a Term.
Be Promises or Family Rules are compromised.
The Principal/Deputy Principal issues the student a Detention for an offence.
The learners will be familiarised with the Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy at the beginning of the year. Thereafter, failure to respond favourably to a warning will lead to the following disciplinary steps. Serious offences, however, could override any stage of the procedure whereupon parents will be interviewed. Consistent compliance will be rewarded with a fresh start after a six month probationary period. If the pattern of offences persist after one year, it may be necessary, at the Principal's discretion, to proceed immediately to Daily Report at the beginning of the following year.

LEVEL ONE: Discipline

When an offence warrants a harsher punishment than a Detention, or when a child receives three Detentions in a term, then the child enters the Discipline Programme and is ON REPORT. This is the first step of the disciplinary process. The Deputy Principal liaises with the parents regarding these steps.

LEVEL TWO: Discipline

Level 2 is an (internal ) suspension from class. Here the child is separated from his/her peers and spends time outside the Principal's office completing set assignments.

LEVEL THREE: Discipline
When a child's behaviour requires intervention by all the role-players, then a disciplinary hearing is held. This serves as a final warning.

LEVEL FOUR: Discipline

The school request the Head of Education to suspend the student from attending our school.

It is possible to jump levels depending on the seriousness of the offence.

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