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About Us

Our School
At Sunlands Primary School, we believe in the future of our learners. Therefore, we pursue every channel to enable each learner to reach his or her fullest potential.

Since 2006 Sunlands Primary School has become a Brain-based school. Staff incorporate several teaching methods and brain smart activities to wake up the brain in order to optimize the learning process of each learner. Movement is included in lessons as it is critical for cognition. It unifies brain levels and provides learners with an opportunity to utilize both sides of the brain which results in whole-brain functioning, as the passing of information between both hemispheres maximizes the storage thereof.

Applying Brain-Based Education Principles at Sunlands Primary School:
Our teachers manage stress factors (purposefully decrease or increase stress) in class are likely to create a positive classroom environment. We incorporate the 'fun' element into our teaching methods and manage stress factors by playing baroque music when needed, by integrating stretching exercises or movement, making use of Brain Gym, incorporating recess, teaching coping skills, and utilizing physical education.

As evidence suggests, moderate glucose levels enhance learner’s memory-making. learners are having a snack break early during the mornings when they consume healthy snacks to keep their glucose levels balanced. By maintaining balanced glucose levels, energy is provided for the brain to function optimally.

Hydrating the brain is important. To keep learners brain hydrated they are allowed and encouraged to have bottles filled with water in the classroom. This enables them to take frequent sips to allow hydration of the brain.
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